During December of 1970 the 5th DIV (less the 1st BDE) was deactivated and the 4th INF DIV moved to Ft Carson. In 1971 the 1st BN 61st INFANTRY returned to Fort Carson with the other elements of the 1st BDE 5th MECH DIV. On 2 August 1971 the 1st BN 61st INF (and the other units of the 1st BDE) was reassigned to the 4th INF DIV. The 1/61 remained part of the 4th DIV until 19 August 1974 when, as part of a reorganization of the 4th DIV, the 1/61 was deactivated.

In 1974, the 5th Division(MECHANIZED) was reactivated and assigned to Ft. Polk, LA under DA General Orders. Here, under the watchful eye of the Division Commander, training became the focus of everything the units did.