In July 1968, all three 60 MAW C-141 squadrons teamed up with the C-141 wings from McChord AFB and Norton AFB to airlift the 4500 men and equipment of the Army’s 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized) (Task Force Diamond) from Ft Carson CO to Da Nang AB (Bien Hoa). The 60th C-141s carried mostly troops, flying 35 of the 70 missions in the deployment. Each troop flight carried 94 soldiers and 8000 lbs of cargo. The deployment of “Task Force Diamond” was one of the largest mass troop movements in the history of MAC up to that time. Returning C-141s carried wounded soldiers and cargo. The round-trip length of each flight was 18,000 miles.

Full credit must be given to the maintenance teams and the fuel handlers. The air crews just drove the bus.