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The Detachment was small, it was composed of two Utility Helicopters (UH-1) and two Light Observation Helicopters (OH-6) or (H-58). It would soon grow to four of each and then be augmented with AH-1 Attack Cobra helicopters from the 101st Airmobile Division.

Although argumentatively the smallest aviation detachment in all of Vietnam, its mission requirements were extraordinary. Command and Control (UH1 for Brigade and OH6 for BN), Tactical Reconnaissance, Close Air Support (M60 door guns and grenade drops), Resupply (Both internal and sling), Platoon size Air Assault, Troop Lift, Emergency Med Evac, Radio Relay and Friday night downtown tours of beautiful Dong Ha were some of the detachments job.
All this put many hours on the aircraft and required many hours of maintenance. During the unit's time in country the eight aircraft authorization saw a total of 28 birds cycle through the detachment.

The Batman birds were everywhere and pictures of them are found throughout this site, from the CG's own to an emergency med evac. Yes, of course, that was a Batman that flew you around the AO earlier in the site. However some Batman unique pictures are displayed on a separate page.