Order of Battle - Forces Opposing 1/5

The below Order of Battle lists all units that have had elements positively identified in the 1st BDE 5th DIV Area of Operations. While clearly they are not located on the ground as shown in this sketch map, they all do take orders from headquarters north of the DMZ. For each unit general locations are as indicated on the chart. Both NVA and VC units are highly mobile and these locations are, at best, educated guesses.

B-5 Front     Senior Command Headquarters for entire area, located in North Vietnam near HWY 1
27th NVA Regt     Central DMZ area vic A4
246th NVA Regt     Northwest portion of AO Orange
270th NVA Regt     Eastern DMZ area north of Cua Viet
812th NVA Regt     Southeast of Quang Tri
7th Bn 66th NVA Regt     Western area vic Khe Sanh
126th Naval Sapper Regt     Northeast portion of DMZ with base at Sapper Training Center north side of DMZ
31st Local Force (VC) Gp     Populated area east of Quang Tri
164th Artillery Regt     Central DMZ
84th Rocket Artillery Regt     Central DMZ
33rd Sapper Battalion     Central DMZ
48th Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion     Central DMZ
75th Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion     Western DMZ

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